We’re pleased to announce that Loni Landon has joined us as a Guest Artist as of this February! Landon’s new work will premiere as part of our Spring Series – first in Akron at EJ Thomas Hall on March 4th-5th & immediately following in Cleveland at The Breen Center on March 18th-19th. We recently sat down with her to talk about her process, working with GroundWorks and what has surprised her about the creative community in Cleveland.

It’s clear that this has been a collaboration in the making, beginning with a period of getting to know various members of the company: “I met David [Shimotakahara] two years ago after seeing the company perform and knowing Annika [Sheaff] from our time at Julliard. It’s amazing what he’s built [with GroundWorks]. He’s done great things for dance in this city.”

“I noticed immediately that this was a unique company. The dancers are all very different from each other – different styles, personalities, experiences, training – I’ve never met such a diverse group before. My work with them involves a lot of choice-making as well as atypical movement and dynamic shifts through a process that embodies a lot of freedom [for the dancers].”

While the piece is not yet finalized, Landon describes it as being about tension, connections/disconnection and how we relate to one another. Her hope for piece is to have it feel like “…a continuous stream of consciousness – a dream – a movie. I’m working with memory. How it can fade while certain moments remain clear. My intention is to explore the human connection and bring a certain realness, sense of humanity and honesty to the stage.”

For Landon, each opportunity to choreograph is a chance to practice her craft and try something different.

“Choreography is something you can’t do by yourself – it’s social. Every time you do it you take away something. I’m grateful that I have 5 dancers that are present and dedicated to work with every day.”

Coming to Cleveland has left an impression on Landon: “Clevelanders are incredibly friendly & welcoming. In some way it’s had me change my perspective, creating personal realizations. There are lots of opportunities to create work here because of funding available in this state as well as a community of people that want to go out and experience art. I’m grateful that people outside of New York can see my work here – as well as knowing that there is great exposure for dance in general.”

You can learn more about Loni Landon on her Facebook and Instagram profiles. Be sure to get your tickets for this Spring’s Series to experience her work as it debuts!