At GroundWorks DanceTheater, we believe in the importance of reaching the next generation by empowering them creatively through movement. Our workshops, led by GWDT company artists, provide a unique opportunity for students of all grade levels to explore the creative process of dance through physical experience. We have had the pleasure of working with diverse populations in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Cleveland charter schools, as well as Akron public, parochial and charter schools.

Recently, we worked with 33 fourth grade students from Willson School, a magnet school for deaf and hearing impaired students within the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. This presented both unique challenges and wonderful opportunities for not only the students but for GroundWorks teaching artists, as well.

“Working with GroundWorks is a unique and exciting experience for our kids,” says John Dorotics, physical education teacher at Willson School. “They have a lot of energy and creativity that doesn’t always get taken advantage of. Working with GroundWorks gives them a chance to express themselves in ways that wouldn’t normally happen in their daily lives. We’re very thankful for the opportunities that GroundWorks provides for us.”

For students like Willson School sixth grader Zaire Twitty, dancing allows for a new sense of creative freedom.

“You want to be free and use inspiration, you want to perform in front of people and not be embarrassed,” he says. “It’s good activity and exercise, it gets you calm and it’s good for your self-esteem. Plus, it’s great because you get away from your school work.”

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