We are proud to reprise Salt Lake City-based choreographer Eric Handman’s highly-anticipated work “Remora” during our 2017 Spring Dance Series. Handman’s “Remora,” a critically-acclaimed “substantial and intensely physical work” first created with GroundWorks in 2015, is rooted in its physicality, the demands of its execution, its complexities and its nuances of timing.

Together, these elements invite us into a compelling experience that we connect with. And though the connection lies outside of any particular narrative, we feel we are still part of a story, suggesting something from the future and yet also very old.

“Collaborating with the excellent GroundWorks Dance Theater yielded a piece that reinforced some very basic, yet recurring, lessons for me,” Handman says. “’Remora’ depicts struggle, teamwork, solitude and the redemptive power of moving with others. The deep networks of physical partnering put the dancers into states of urgent care. Relationships emerge, dissolve and re-emerge in new forms, reminding me again that we constantly produce, and are produced by, the company we keep.”

Don’t miss the exciting reprisal of “Remora” on March 17 & 18 at the Breen Center for Performing Arts in Cleveland and March 31 & April 1 at EJ Thomas Hall in Akron.