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Ghost Opera


Abstract: Through the artistic vision of Artistic Director David Shimotakahara, GroundWorks has re-imagined the work as a kind of meeting place, a landing of spirits of all kinds – spirits from the past, present, and future, from east and west culture, from nature and technology. As such the performance, our stage, is a kind of metaphor for our time in life, what we bring to each other, where we come from.

Ghost Opera Past, Present, & Future (New Work) – The first choreographic version of Tan Dun’s Ghost Opera. “Ghost Opera is a piece using very ancient theatrical methods to approach a modern idea, linking the different kinds of territory across media and across lives, and across decades, and let all those souls talk to each other.” – Tan Dun

Choreographer: David Shimotakahara

Composer: Tan Dun

Musicians: Annie Fullard, violin; Diana Cohen, violin; Maurycy Banaszek, viola; Bronwyn Banerdt, cello; Yihan Chen, pipa.

Partners: Presented in partnership with ChamberFest Cleveland in Celebration of the 175th Anniversary of Glendale Cemetery.

Hindsight (2011)

Hindsight DSC_4498

Abstract: A collaborative effort by choreographer Lynne Taylor-Corbett and video projection designer Adam Larsen – pays tribute to Akron-born rock legend Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders. Hailed for its “frolicsome fun” and “soulful character” – The Plain Dealer

Choreographer: Lynne Taylor-Corbett

Video Project Designer: Adam Larsen

Music: Chrissie Hynde, The Pretenders

Press & Reviews

The Plain Dealer

“The ‘summer’ in GroundWorks DanceTheater’s “Summer Series” isn’t just a time marker. It’s also an adjective.” – Zachary Lewis, The Plain Dealer

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The Plain Dealer

“Ghost Opera, Tan Dun’s 40-minute fantasia based on a Chinese village ritual in which one confronts the past and future through the raising of spirits of one’s forebears, has been performed throughout the world with varying levels of theatricality. Saturday night, ChamberFest Cleveland took it one step further by collaborating with GroundWorks DanceTheater and choreographer David Shimotakahara, who created a balletic complement to Tan’s brilliant score.”- Mark Satola, The Plain Dealer

Read the article “ChamberFest Cleveland 2014 concludes with fascinating ‘Ghost Opera’ and lively ‘Last Round’ (review).”


ChamberFest Cleveland and GroundWorks DanceTheater present Tan Dun’s Ghost Opera

Hindsight (Excerpts)

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