Project Description


In a GroundWorks DanceTheater exCHANGE with John Carroll University, students were invited to attend the GroundWorks Allen Theatre performance and use the experience as inspiration for poetry. Below are video excerpts of the performance that inspired John Carroll University student, Stoehlea.

Excerpts from GroundWorks DanceTheater performance of “ now.”

  • Choreography: Johannes Wieland
  • Performance: Premiered at Allen Theater, Playhouse Square, Ohio
  • Date: October 24 & 25, 2014
  • Dancers: Noelle Cotler, Troy Macklin, Damien Highfield, Felise Bagley, Annika Sheaff
  • Lighting: Dennis Dugan
  • Music: Compilation recording by Johannes Wieland
  • Costumes: Janet Bolick
  • Set Pieces: Ian Petroni
  • Sound: Chuck Karnak


The Force

Come on, right on.
That’s my theme song now.
A slave to the brawn,
while needing other bough
to manipulate rawness
and find a common ground
to see the mirror not flawless
but gasp at image profound.
Undressing and redressing
is the only mark of passing time,
clothing is the flesh expressing
what the body does not mime,
which takes deep anchorage
to the force which girds
us to speak the language
which needs no words.

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