Project Description


In a GroundWorks DanceTheater exCHANGE with John Carroll University, students were invited to attend the GroundWorks Allen Theatre performance and use the experience as inspiration for poetry. Below are video excerpts of the performance that inspired John Carroll University student, Nick.

Excerpts from GroundWorks DanceTheater performance of “ now.”

  • Choreography: Johannes Wieland
  • Performance: Premiered at Allen Theater, Playhouse Square, Ohio
  • Date: October 24 & 25, 2014
  • Dancers: Noelle Cotler, Troy Macklin, Damien Highfield, Felise Bagley, Annika Sheaff
  • Lighting: Dennis Dugan
  • Music: Compilation recording by Johannes Wieland
  • Costumes: Janet Bolick
  • Set Pieces: Ian Petroni
  • Sound: Chuck Karnak



Hips weave to stitch a melody
That can seduce an undying bass.
Alone she sways
Clueless and careless
To the desires of smitten men.

Her vanilla gown, laced in the finest strands
Of innocence and awkwardness,
Illuminates under the neon bar lights.
While, those size sevens lightly kiss the ground
As she continues to move
Back and forth to the sound of the treble.

Neurons battle as I choose my path
To get near this vanilla temptation.
Alas, each stride yields a missed connection;
Eyes connect, but never endure.
Please grant me a glimpse of a smile.

Liquid courage, I need you now.
The Sands are falling thin.
Command me to rise and
Conquer crescendo.
So, this beauty can give me a chance.

“What is your name?
And I know this sounds lame:
Would you like to grab dinner sometime?”

“Dinner sounds great,
But tonight I have a date,
Dancing in another man’s arms.”

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