Project Description


In a GroundWorks DanceTheater exCHANGE with John Carroll University, students were invited to attend the GroundWorks Allen Theatre performance and use the experience as inspiration for poetry. Below are video excerpts of the performance that inspired John Carroll University student, Ellie.

Excerpts from GroundWorks DanceTheater in performance of  “Always.”

  • Choreography: Gina Gibney
  • Performance: Allen Theater, Playhouse Square, Ohio
  • Date: October 2014
  • Dancers: Noelle Cotler, Annika Sheaff, Damien Highfield, Troy Macklin
  • Music: Patsy Cline
  • Lighting: Dennis Dugan
  • Costumes: Russ Borsky
  • Set Piece: Russ Borsky


First Kiss

The boys of fall graced the turf
As the town jived to the rhythm of whistles
And tunes of the pep band.
The pre-highschoolers bobbed in and out
Of their crowds behind the end zone.
She let the tall spotlights fall on her cold cheek,
The wind twirling her hair.
She knew it was coming—
The playful samba of talking to each other.
Acknowledging each other,
Ignoring one another,
Checking to see if the other was looking.
He innocently and
Purposefully bumped in to her.
Blood rushed to her face
As her heart did full rotations.
He pressed his eager lips to hers—
And she was breathless.
And he—
He went and danced with someone else,
Leaving her tingling lips puckered.

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