Project Description

About the Work

What kind of memories do we create after we’ve had meaningful conversations? What becomes of those pivotal discussions? Are our memories the direct result of that significant interaction? How do we mark those moments in time?These questions and more are explored in Guest Artist Gina Gibney’s new work, “Drafting Foresight.”
“We come into an interaction, something transpires, we exit the interaction, we move away and we’re different,” says Gibney, Founder of Gibney Dance in New York. “What is essential is how we change through interaction. Whether it’s short – something you see or said that could be just one word – to how you can evolve through a long conversation. It’s like playing with time. It could be this slow evolution or something that happened in a matter of seconds, but how those interactions shape who we are.”The title, “Drafting Foresight,” is inspired by one of Gibney’s collaborators, New York native Ezekiel Honig, a well-known figure in the electronic music community. “I’ve been listening to Zeke’s music for several years and I’ve always been inspired by it,” she says. “He works a lot with manipulation of found sounds like distant voices, street sounds, the weather – it feels very urban.”