Project Description


  • Works: All I Do, Between Us, and Hindsight
  • Date: Saturday, August 9, 2014
  • Time: Begins at 8:30 p.m.
  • Location: Arts in August, Lincoln Park, Tremont, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Cost: Free
  • Notes: Program also features dances by David Parker and Lynne Taylor-Corbett

All I Do (2010)

All I Do DSC_4749

Abstract: Set to the music from the American film classic “Singing in the Rain,” All I Do reinterprets the music in a way that is a “whimsical and intricate invention” according to The Plain Dealer’s Donald Rosenberg.

Choreographer: David Shimotakahara

Music: Nacio Herb Brown, Singin’ in the Rain

Between Us

Untitled DSC_4870

Abstract: A new duet by Artistic Director David Shimotakahara, set to the marimba solo “Rhythm Song” by Paul Smadbeck. Shimotakhara writes, “In creating this piece, I was interested in the physicality of things in transition, the space between two bodies, thoughts, actions, choices, what comes before completion and resolution.”

Choreographer: David Shimotakahara

Music: Paul Smadbeck

Hindsight (2011)

Hindsight DSC_4498

Abstract: A collaborative effort by choreographer Lynne Taylor-Corbett and video projection designer Adam Larsen – pays tribute to Akron-born rock legend Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders. Hailed for its “frolicsome fun” and “soulful character” – The Plain Dealer

Choreographer: Lynne Taylor-Corbett

Video Project Designer: Adam Larsen

Music: Chrissie Hynde, The Pretenders

Press & Reviews

The Plain Dealer

“The ‘summer’ in GroundWorks DanceTheater’s “Summer Series” isn’t just a time marker. It’s also an adjective.” – Zachary Lewis, The Plain Dealer.

Read the article “GroundWorks DanceTheater’s ‘Summer Series’ is a dream on an early summer night (review).”

“David Parker’s ‘All I Do,’ exploits the company’s ability to shift dance gears and engage in whimsical and intricate invention. The New York choreographer juxtaposes show-biz flights, set to “All I Do Is Dream of You” (from the movie Singin’ in the Rain), with sections of madcap patterns danced without music.” – Donald Rosenberg, The Plain Dealer.

Read the article “GroundWorks DanceTheater introduces touching work based on ‘Our Town’.”


All I Do (with David Parker)

Hindsight (Excerpts)

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