“All performances, in some way, inhabit memories of someone or something else,” says Greg Luce, Violinist & member of Aeolus Quartet. “In some ways it’s easier to be removed

[from the time in history that you are referencing in your work] – there’s a certain purity that comes with distance from that person or thing. There is a longing that you don’t have when that thing is right in front of you.”

Luce is no stranger collaborating with those in the dance world, having toured the globe with various dance companies. Though Northeast Ohio has played a significant role in the New York-based quartet’s development. Their formation occurred at the Cleveland Institute of Music & it was locally that they found some of their earliest inspirations.

“The Cleveland String Quartet was an amazing ensemble & the Cleveland Orchestra is a paragon of performance. All members of Aeolus Quartet have studied under [Cleveland] Orchestra members. We all love [Northeast Ohio].”

Their admiration for this part of the world is only one reason they are excited to return as part of their collaboration with GroundWorks on House of Sparrows. Luce cites the opportunity to work with GroundWorks’ Executive Creative Director, David Shimotakahara, as one of the most exciting aspects of the project: “He is so keenly aware of physical space. I enjoy how he balances his collaborators & encourages all of us to be as specific as possible with our work. This benefits the project from every angle.”

Shimotakahara’s guidance on the project is proving to be a compass for all collaborators involved, says Luce. “It’s a challenge to create work that is authentic & honest to what the people of that time were going through.”

Don’t miss your chance to hear Aeolus Quartet perform live as part of our Spring Series! Tickets now on sale for EJ Thomas Hall & the Breen Center for the Performing Arts – we hope to see you in March!