It Takes Two is merely days away at this point and rehearsals are going well. While we aren’t giving away any of the surprises, we did open the doors to our rehearsal studio – just a crack – in order to give you a sneak peek into what you’ll see on Saturday night.

Here, David and Christine give the scoop on their dance:

Noelle to Graham: “You just went to Twerking University…and you graduated”:

Damien and Deb debunk myths and reveal that they’re all about “Good vs. Evil”!

Mark and Ginger bust a move…with walkers?

The student becomes the teacher – Jack and Annika share their “true collaboration”!

Beyonce, watch out! Here comes Kris, Annika and Noelle:

Lee brings the “Fisher Kick” off the Bar Mitzvah dance floor, into the benefit light!