Lisa Lansing, a Gyrotonics Specialized Master Trainer (impressively only one out of 50 in the entire world!) and a GroundWorks DanceTheater partner, supporter and advocate, has been working weekly with the GroundWorks’ company dancers through the Gyrotonic Expansion System to increase each dancers range of motion, build strength and sustain their fluidity.

We recently sat down with Lansing, who is owner and founder of Inspiral Motion, to learn about her mission to impact dancers, non-movers and those recovering from injury through her boutique-style movement studio in Cleveland and beyond.

Can you describe what Gyrotonics is and how it positively impacts the body?

 “Gyrotonics is grounded in the philosophy of awakening the entire body system. This is done by introducing participants to the seven essentials of spinal motion – the epicenter of the body’s movement. Once there is a foundational understanding of the body’s anatomy, participants work with Gyrotonic Expansion System equipment created to place the body in continuous motion. Gyrotonic exercises are constructed to mimic movement in real life. For example, when you are driving in your car and you glance over your shoulder prior to merging into the next lane, that range of motion is practiced in Gyrotonic exercises.”

Why is the Gyrotonic Expansion System hugely beneficial to dancers in particular?

 For dancers, Gyrotonics is a way to gain more knowledge of their bodies, allowing them utilize motion and movement in new ways within their work. It also gives dancers the opportunity to reset, relax and recharge. Dancers are constantly putting their bodies through continual wear and tear. They need time to intentionally reset their body framework and Gyrotonics provides the perfect exercises to do just that.”

How has your work with the GroundWorks’ dancers shown up in their performances?

 “I’ve seen tremendous change in the company’s movement agility within the time I’ve been working with them. From amplified upper body expansion, supple overall movement and increased range in the hip joints. It’s also been wonderful to see each of the dancers, who have their own unique movement abilities, create their own personal practice within the Gyrotonic exercises.”

 Can non-dancers and non-movers benefit from the Gyrotonic Expansion System?

 Absolutely! Gyrotonics is vital to both non-dancers and non-movers as it allows them to re-discover the body in ways that no other system does. The movements feel like you are getting a massage and are easy to complete no matter what your daily movement routine looks like.”

 What is your vision for the future of your studio?

 “My vision for the future is to continue working with dancers, both to build on their movement capacity and to introduce them to the Gyrotonic Teacher Certification Program. As a previous dancer myself, who sustained many dance-related injuries, I know first-hand the power of the Gyrotonic Expansion System and the additional longevity it can provide.”

To learn more about Lisa, the Gyrotonic Expansion System and her current class offerings visit:

(Photo courtesy of Inspiral Motion)