Here is an Inside Look into recent rehearsals with Guest Artist Robyn Mineko Williams, who will debut a new work during our Fall Dance Series at the Allen Theatre on October 14 & 15 and Akron Public Library on November 18 & 19.

The untitled piece will explore the idea of perseverance and will be set to Rachmaninoff’s Trio Elégiaque in G Minor. “When I first started researching

[Rachmaninoff’s] music, I listened to this work and it struck me immediately. I can’t describe in words why it struck me,” Williams said during a recent interview. “I just heard it and I knew. It’s innate.”

This is Williams’ first creative residency with GroundWorks DanceTheater and her first time working in Cleveland. “It’s been really wonderful,” she says.  “I was very pleased and excited by the caliber of the artists. My first day in the studio I was like, ‘Alright, we are going to dig deep and do something very real together.’ It’s a great feeling to work in that kind of environment.”