Happy Holidays from GroundWorks DanceTheater!
We thank our community for your support throughout 2014.

From the GWDT Artists:
David Shimotakahara, Amy Miller, Felise Bagley, Noelle Cotler, Damien Highfield, Troy Macklin, Annika Sheaff.

From the GWDT Board of Directors:
Marie Calabrese, Janet Curry, Samantha Basford Damoulakis, Cyndy Dunn, Lev Gonick, Jennifer Highfield, Dave Lieberth, Kathryn Karipides, Joy Roller, Mary Lou Stricklin, Max Thomas, Jonathan Wehner, Denise San Antonio Zeman.

From the GWDT Staff:
Beth Rutkowski, Pam Esch, Mark Otloski.