If I could have Mark come to my school every week I would do it. Kids need academics, but they really need the exposure the program provides.
Fred Schenk, Betty Jane CLC counselor
Anytime kids get OUT of their chairs and connect with their body-especially these growing and changing bodies- I’m thrilled. As a parent, I value book learning equally to body learning.
Emily Hellensen, Woodbury Elementary Parent
It was very beneficial to my students!
Mrs. Klopfenstein, Helen Arnold CLC teacher

I was extremely impressed with the entire experience on a number of levels…Your calm way with them very quickly established a level of trust that encouraged them to listen and follow your directions. That is indeed a wonderful gift!
Katie Osborne, Portage Path teacher
The students really enjoyed learning about movements they can make with their bodies, but being able for them to perform on stage made the experience more hands on and worthwhile.
Regan Strausser, Portage Path CLC
What a wonderful experience! I am so excited that Kaley learned and experienced this artistic dance.
Kristen Buchannan, Woodbury Elementary Parent
It was so fun when we got to dance. It felt like I could express myself and your dances made me feel happy. So when I get sad, I won’t be sad because I will remember your dances. Thank you!
former student
You have inspired me to dance and express how I dance. So thank you very much. I will show my moves and not be afraid to show it anymore.
former student
I loved the program! It was so fun to perform and watch.
former student

Thank you for teaching me and my school to dance like you people. You are awesome and creative so I hope I get to dance with you again!
former student
I really hope we could do this again!
former student
It felt really great being a choreographer.
former student
I noticed I improved my creativity. I came up with more ideas and I thought deeply about what the instructor was saying!
former student
The most helpful correction or comment that the teacher made was when he said nothing can be wrong in improvisation unless you do nothing. My friend and I were doing over, under, through movements that were beautiful!
former student
I learned to embrace my creativity and to know that a beautiful movement of dance doesn’t have to be thought through for it to become beautiful.
former student
I have noticed that I am now able to come up with an idea and be able to make that idea come to life on the dance floor.
former student
When we danced , we got to be free!
former student
Mark told us one thing we should not be ashamed of is our creativity.
former student
This type of program exposes children to the reality of the expressive arts being a creative choice.
I will use this information in my teaching for sure!
college student, education major
Dance can be used as a form of not only expression, but also counseling and breaking a student out of their shells
college student, education major
Mark and the dancers are always supportive of our children. They provide our students energy, creativity, and structure outside of the normal classroom setting.
Crystal Betha, Marion Sterling Teacher
It was an amazing and enriching experience!
Anna Discenzo, Holy Rosary Montessori Teacher
It is very unique to let the children experience this type of dance. It lets them explore their feelings and thoughts through dance. Thank you for letting my child participate.
Carey Tritt, parent
I pray this type of outreach experience will reach and touch the lives of millions of children worldwide.
Angela Coleman, parent
I feel this was an awesome opportunity for my daughter and I am so happy she was able to be a part of it. She is glowing with excitement and her face has such a big smile!
Denise Rizor, parent

What an exciting and inspiring experience! I was very impressed with the work you did with the students from Benjamin Franklin, Marion Sterling, and the Montessori School at Holy Rosary. It was amazing how much the students had accomplished this semester! I could easily see how many of them had become ‘hooked’ on dancing and performing. They all beamed with pride as they exited the stage. Great to see so many parents and school staff members witnessing the event!
Joanne Bonder, Professor Notre Dame College