On Thursday, November 10th GroundWorks will present an informal showing of new work created and developed by company members Felise Bagley, Michael Marquez and Stephanie Terasaki. GroundWorks artistic director David Shimotakahara believes it is important for dancers to have opportunities to choreograph.

“The experience of initiating their own creative ideas and experimenting with and working through their own processes is so valuable to them as artists regardless of whether or not they feel compelled to continue to choreograph.  There is so much that happens in the studio that can only be understood by doing. – the strategies and balances of effective collaboration, how ideas are best communicated. One gains a very different perspective from the front of the room.  Fundamental to the GroundWorks creative DNA, our artists are constantly involved with helping to generate new work, where they are exposed to and called on to work with a huge range of creative processes.   This is an opportunity for the dancers to explore, synthesize, and expand their artistry outside of those influences, in ways that they are curious about.  What better way to invest in the creativity of our artists and by extension the organization? “

Date: Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Time: 5:30pm

Location: CSU Middough Bldg,  5th Floor, 1901 E 13th St, Cleveland, OH 44115


Felise Bagley will be showcasing two pieces. The first is a duet with GroundWork’s dancer Damien Highfield entitled, Roughspun, a promise of unfulfilled love. The second is a work in progress entitled, Taming the Dragon, a meditation on choice.

Michael Marquez  will present a working piece dealing with the idea of communication and its complexity. It will involve four stories that are linked, directly or indirectly, to each other. At the showcase, attendees will see a draft of two stories. The full piece will premiere at the Allen Theater in March at the CSU Spring Dance Concert.

Stephanie Terasaki will be showcasing a duet with Michael Marquez entitled, Painting a Half-formed Whole.  The piece examines how these two people occupy, support, and at times watch from afar in each other’s gaps and spaces.

Entrances to the building are on E. 13th Street and inside the garage under the building off Dodge Court.  We are in the big studio on the 5th floor, opposite large windows along Chester Street side of building.
Parking: Surrounding the Middough Building (located on E 13th St., between Euclid & Chester Ave.), there are several parking lots that charge a fee for parking ($5-$10, depending on downtown activities).  Short-term metered street parking is available along Chester Ave, East 13th St, Payne Ave, Prospect Ave, and Huron Ave.
This is an invitation only event.
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