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Dancer ChoreoLab Showcase – Felise Bagley

There is so much that happens in the studio that can only be understood by doing. On Thursday, November 10, GroundWorks DanceTheater will present its first-ever Dancer ChoreoLab Showcase, an informal showing of new work created and developed by GWDT’s dancers. “Fundamental to the GroundWorks creative DNA, our artists are constantly involved with helping to

Inside Look | Robyn Mineko Williams Rehearsal

Here is an Inside Look into recent rehearsals with Guest Artist Robyn Mineko Williams, who will debut a new work during our Fall Dance Series at the Allen Theatre on October 14 & 15 and Akron Public Library on November 18 & 19. The untitled piece will explore the idea of perseverance and will be set to

Inside Look | GroundWorks Previews Guest Artist Adam Barruch’s New Piece

It was an intimate afternoon of dance and lively discussion on Friday as we presented an inside look into award-winning New York choreographer Adam Barruch’s new work, “Hex,” which will debut at GroundWorks’ 14th annual Summer Concert Series beginning on July 15 at the Alma Theater in Cain Park. Guests enjoyed an up-close showing of the dynamic

GroundWorks DanceTheater Artist Felise Bagley Wins Cleveland Arts Prize Mid-Career Award

GroundWorks DanceTheater artist Felise Bagley has been awarded the prestigious Cleveland Arts Prize Mid-Career Award, recognizing her contributions to advancing the artistry of dance & community that surrounds it in Northeast Ohio. “This award, to me, is exemplary of the way that Northeast Ohio has embraced me since I arrived in 1997,” says Bagley. “I