Gustavo Aguilar



Music Director, GroundWorks DanceTheater; percussionist, composer; performed throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia; faculty member, Texas A&M, Del Mar College, Korea National University of Arts, University of Akron; collaboration with Red Fish Blue Fish UCSC residence ensemble, SONU, Earle Howard Trio.


Wadada Leo Smith, Anthony Braxton, Jhon Bergamo, sounds that no animal on the planet can produce.


Gustavo Aguilar is an experimental performer/composer/improviser, whose interdisciplinary approach to art making cooperatively combines present-composed (improvised) and past-composed (fully notated) musical elements with the use of new technologies and an active research interest in cultural/critical studies. As an art practitioner whose work has been called “beautiful, introspective and passionate,” “thought-provoking and thoroughly fresh” Gustavo has built an extensive history of collaboration with dancers, filmmakers, poets, painters, dramaturges, and sound installation artists, his awareness and engagement with new and innovative forms of art operate and encompass a wide range of traditions and media that help him to blur the boundaries betwixt composer/performer and between music, art, theatre, dance and film. A Brownsville, Texas native, Gustavo has performed at major festivals throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, and has given lectures and master classes at universities and symposia across the United States and abroad. Gustavo continues to hold the position of Music Director with GroundWorks Dancetheater of Cleveland, Ohio, and recently joined the Department of Sound, Performance, and Visual Inquiry at the University of Maine, Farmington as Assistant Professor of Experimental Performance.